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    EarthPro Custodian Fuel is an easy-to-use, potent food for springtails and other custodians including isopods and roaches. It has also been pelleted for ease of use. By accurately feeding our custodians we encourage them to multiply and to become a source of positive nutrition themselves. When ordering, you will receive a package weighing 80 grams.

    Arcadia EarthPro Custodian Fuel

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    EarthPro Insect Fuel is a blend of dried plants, fruits, full spectrum carotenoids, vitamins and minerals to accurately feed and nourish live foods and pet insects. It contains no bran and as such no Phytic acid, a Calcium inhibitor and chelator. Insect Fuel is a potent and balanced Bee Pollen rich source of nutrition for live insects.

    Arcadia EarthPro Insect Fuel

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