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  • £4.00£5.00

    Our Adhesive Tape is perfect for aquarists looking to give their packaging a professional and attractive look.

    Adhesive Tape

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  • £3.00

    The perfect solution for winter shipping of tropical fish! Heat Pack is a reliable, economical, and easy-to-use heating system that will keep your precious fish safe during the cold months.

    Heat Pack

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  • £22.00

    Rubber bands are also known as elastic bands or simply elastics. They are most commonly used to hold objects together or to keep posters and paper rolled up. Rubber bands are the bundling kings of the packaging world.

    Packing Rubber Band

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  • £23.00£38.00

    Our square Plastic Bag, made with metallocene for extra sealing strength, is the perfect choice for protecting and transporting tropical or ornamental fish. With its expandable sides that form a square bottom, your aquatic creatures won’t get stuck in any corners as they’re transported in this 3 mm polyethylene bag.

    Plastic Bag

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