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  • £44.00

    The Arcadia ShadeDweller 2.5% UV Lamp, 14W has been designed using the very latest in German lamp technology. A standard output T5 lamp that draws just 14 Watts but is over twice as bright as our 8 Watt ShadeDweller lamp. This increase in brightness or «lumen output» includes the whole spectrum of the lamp, even UV.

    Arcadia 2.5% Shade Dweller UVB Lamp

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  • £114.00

    Providing the correct lighting for snakes is often overlooked, especially when living in larger naturalistic or bioactive enclosures. The T5 UVB Max Kit 2.5% is the ideal pick, allowing the reptile to bask safely while being able to move around and experience different exposure levels. You should give your snakes the opportunity to climb and explore, as this will heighten their mental stimulation and benefit them overall.

    Arcadia T5 UVB Max Kit 2.5%

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