3 in 1 Circulation Aquarium Internal Filter Pump


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  • 3-in-1. Water pump, circulation, and increasing oxygen.
  • Optional detachable degreasing firm. (Not included)
  • Ceramic shaft material can be used for freshwater and seawater.
  • Adjustable float.
  • Circulation is sucking water surrounding, effectively clean the fish’s feces and tank impurities.
  • Can increase oxygen for the fish.
  • With mount slot for easy installation.
  • Wide Application, This submersible pump is perfect for aquarium, fountains, spout and hydroponic systems, etc.


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Blue
  • Power Cable Length: 1.5 m


Model CQJ-500G CQJ-700G CQJ-900G CQJ-1200G
Power 2.5 W 8 W 12 W 20 W
Max Flow Rate 350 L/h 500 L/h 900 L/h 1200 L/h
Max Head Height 0.6 m 0.7 m 1.2 m 1.4 m
Outlet 16 m 16 m 16 m 18 m
Weight 0.15 kg 0.25 kg 0.5 kg 0.5 kg