3 in 1 Water Quality Controller


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This pH, temperature and EC 3 in 1 water quality controller has pH, Temp & EC tri display and pH control which can simultaneously measure and display pH, temperature value and electric conductivity (EC). It has a BNC electrode (pH) and 1 output power socket. The pH electrode is removable and can be replaced at any time. With a relay output power socket, you can plug your own 110 V / 220 V equipment, such as air outlet stone, oxygen pumps, carbon dioxide regulators, solenoid valves and other pH control devices. Simply set the desired Hi / Low pH value in the controller. If the pH value currently measured is lower than the set value, it will open the device. If the measured value is higher than the set value, it will close the device. Suitable for aquarium, soil-free growing, laboratory, and environment water.

3 in 1 Water Quality Controller
3 in 1 Water Quality Controller


  • Connecting AC power supply (make sure the correct).
  • Connecting the PH electrode.
  • Temp electrode into relative electrode socket.
  • Remove the protective cap, clean the electrode with distilled water, put ph electrode, EC electrode temperature electrode, into liquid which is to be test, and stir lightly. Waiting until the digital is stable, read the final value.

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