Alder Cones for Aquarium 20 Pcs


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Alder Cones for Aquarium 20 Pcs


  • Natural water conditioner and mucous membrane protection by replicating the naturel habitat of our aquarium inhabitants
  • Promotes well-being, vitality and readiness to spawn
  • Vital for the care and breeding of Betta species
  • Tannins thicken nocuous membranes and prevent disease
  • Harvested straight from the tree, cleaned, smoothed and sun-dried
  • No harm for fish, no bad influence to water

Instructions for use:

  • Add directly to the aquarium
  • 10 pcs for 36 L water can minus PH from 6.8 to 6.0 during 2 days

Package include: 20 pcs Alder Cones


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