Aquarium Fish Tank Wave Maker


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With articulating ball joint, this maker allows a full 360-degree rotation to generate waves of water movement. This item can be used to improve oxygenation as well as to let your fishes, corals, and other aquatics enjoy a vital and energetic ocean-like circumstance. Really an inexpensive way to improve water movement, especially for saltwater coral, reef, or fish tanks!

  • Totally submersible and oil-free motor to avoid pollution to the living circumstance
  • High waterproof performance ensures safety and reliability.
  • The wide-spread range is just like a wishy-washy ocean wave, which is ideal for marine aquarium
  • 360 Degree rotation to allow full flow directions, suction cups with articulating ball joints for versatile directions
  • High performance, low energy consumption, quick and easy maintenance.


ModelPowerFlowVoltageSizeFit for Tank
100A3 W2500 L/h220 – 240 V70 x 70 x 90 mm40 – 70 cm
200A6 W5000 L/h220 – 240 V115 x 65 x 75 mm70 – 100 cm
101A6 W3000 L/h220 – 240 V77 x 77 x 101 mm70 – 100 cm

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