Aquarium LED Lighting Lamp


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  • Low power, low consumption.
  • The outer cover is sturdy and lightweight, ultra-slim design, which will effectively reduce the heat generation problem of LED lamps.
  • Specially designed LED, which can promote the photosynthesis of aquatic plants and suitable for water plants grow.
  • Four rows of lamp beads, white and blue lamp beads can provide a sufficient degree of lighting to meet the fish tank and you can view the fishes at the tank clearly.
  • An adjustable stainless steel bracket is perfect for different size open aquarium and fish tank.


Model Power Size Blue Bead White Bead Fish Tank
GX-A200 5 W 175 x 70 x 200 mm 3 21 20-30 cm
GX-A300 8 W 275 x 70 x 200 mm 5 35 30-40 cm