Aquarium Water Purifier Ammonia Remover

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Ammonium remover- prevents the accumulation of ammonium and removes unexpectedly formed ammonium peaks in aquarium water, absolutely safe for all aquarium inhabitants. Ammonium remover is an effective addition to the external filter, as a means of chemical filtration:

  • To reduce the level of toxic ammonia.
  • Helps relieve stress in fish.
  • Ideal for new or densely populated aquariums.
  • Each 500 gram bag is designed for 300 liters of water.
  • Rinse thoroughly before use.

Care to Use:

  • Every 300 L water need 500 ml aquarium water purifier.
  • Before using this  aquarium water purifier, please clean and clear it for about 1 minute.
  • Please put the aquarium water purifier in the place where water flow smoothly.
  • Please keep the aquarium water purifier away from fish, so that avoid fish to eat them.
  • Please clean and clear aquarium water purifier 1time every month, stay the aquarium water purifier inside with high concentration brine for 12 hours to revert aquarium water purifier to use again and again.

To ensure a healthy environment when setting up a new aquarium or maintaining one that contains a higher than average stock of fish, the fish keeper should get the best ammonia removal filter for the aquarium.

The ammonia remover is ideal for new or densely populated freshwater aquariums. It removes deadly ammonia from the water and leaves your fish less susceptible to disease and stress. It cleans and conditions aquarium water, ridding it of dissolved organic waste and odors as it removes toxic ammonia and chloramines.

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