Aquarium Water Purifier

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This unit aims to effectively purify the water in your tank, balancing the pH levels. Its function is based on electromagnetic force, which works by absorbing turbidity caused by algae and bacteria. This helps to reduce microorganisms in the water, removing algae and deodorizing the tank. As a result of the electromagnetism, the rod at the core of the purifier will, over time, begin to rust and gradually reduce in size, until eventually completely wearing down. In order to maintain the purifier’s performance, it is advisable to clean it every 3 days. The purifier is completely submersible and should be operated underwater only. Please allow the filter to be switched off for 1-3 hours per day.




Tank Size

Power Cable Length

2.5 W

21 x 4.8 x 4.8 cm

50 – 200 cm

2.5 m



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