Aquarium Wave Maker Pump with Magnet Base


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Fine mesh cover to prevent fish from getting caught, causing fish damage and machine damage. High-performance motor and stainless steel shaft core for more energy efficiency. Unique design, 360° direction adjust. The flow can be adjusted, and the water flow can be adjusted according to actual needs. A magnetic bracket can hold 15 mm thickness glass. Easy to install and use. Super quiet, does not affect the life of you and fishes.

Powerful, adjustable flow pump on a magnetic mount.

The rotor shaft is made of titanium with a ceramic insert, suitable for fresh and seawater.

The unique patented impeller creates a powerful wave effect and a good flow in the aquarium.

Smooth adjustment of the flow through the impeller makes it possible to create an optimal flow in the aquarium.

It drives the water, which ensures its excellent oxygen saturation, as well as an even distribution of water temperature throughout the aquarium.

The surface of the magnet has a special soft coating that does not scratch the glass and the angle of the pump direction can be adjusted almost 360 degrees.

Aquarium Wave Maker Pump with Magnet Base
Power6 W8 W12 W16 W
Voltage220 V / 50 Hz220 V / 50 Hz220 V / 50 Hz220 V / 50 Hz
Suitable for Fish Tank60 – 80 cm80 – 100 cm100 – 120 cm120 – 150 cm

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