Arcadia Ceramic Lamp Holder & Bracket


Arcadia Reptile’s Ceramic Heat Lamp produces and emits high-quality, deep infrared – heat from the depths of the housing. Being a natural source of heat, infrared is readily used and can help to further stimulate natural biological functions. These lamps emit no visible light and as such are the ideal choice for many systems where heat is required all day and night without disturbing the basic circadian rhythm by unwanted light.


The Arcadia Reptile «Ceramic Lamp Holder & Bracket» is an easy-to-use and very versatile lamp holder. Made from quality components this lamp holder can be used with most heat sources up to 250W.

Secure fixture for mounting Arcadia vivarium lamps. Easy to fit, space-saving, versatile design.

The lamp holder has an integrated power switch to provide you with ON/OFF control. Please use all heat sources with a good quality Thermostatic control system.

The Halogen Basking Spot is an ideal supplemental lamp for use in conjunction with self-ballasted mercury vapour reptile lamps or fluorescent reptile lighting.

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