Blizzard Shrimp Food


Vin Blizzard Shrimp Food can be used as a complete and/or supplementary food. Shrimps love Blizzard and flock to it altogether, but the food can also be used for snails and bottom fish.


Vin Blizzard Shrimp Food is a high-quality shrimp feed, specially selected and composed by VinFish. The food is completely handmade from vegetable ingredients of the highest quality. By using the best ingredients, Blizzard shrimp food is extremely nutritious and assures optimal health, growth, colouring, and breeding.

Dosage: Feed what the shrimps eat in +/- 2 to 4 hours.

Blizzard Contains: Soy, seaweed powder, algae, vegetable proteins, yeast, lecithin, and wheat (grains).

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40 g, 500 g


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