Canoinhas Pod


Canoinhas pods are not yet widely used in aquariums but are full of good substances (tannins). Canoinhas pods are ideal for use in biotope aquariums and serve as excellent natural hiding places.


The tannins inside the pods are slowly released into the water. These tannins have many different benefits:

Slightly increases the acidity of the water.
Inhibitory effect on bacteria and diseases.
Colour the water slightly brown.
Support the recreation of the natural habitat.

These pods have a natural curve which makes them ideal to use as a natural shelter in the aquarium. By mixing a few natural products you can give the aquarium a natural look and simulate the natural habitat of the animals. The Canoinhas pods originate from the Amazon. As the Canoinhas pod is a natural product, it can differ in shape and size.

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10 – 14 cm


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