Catappa Leaves


Cattapa leaves (also known as Ketapang, almond, Terminalia, or sea almond tree leaves) have been taken from the Sea Almondtree. These leaves are A-rated quality!


Cattapa leaves to ensure a lowering of the pH values, have an antibacterial effect, give the aquarium a natural atmosphere, strengthens the colours of fish and shrimps, relieve stress and prevent diseases in the aquarium.

Shrimps and crustaceans find the leaves very tasty and the leaves, therefore, are a very good supplement feed. Many of the small shrimps and crustaceans collect themselves on the leaves from whence to eat. This will guarantee that even the smallest shrimp always get something to eat too. Cattapa leaves release an antibacterial substance for about 3 to 4 weeks. Our Cattapa leaves have been washed and dried 2 times. 100% safe in the aquarium.


Every 3 to 4 weeks one leaf per 60 liters of aquarium water. Unlimited life if you store it under dry conditions.

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50 Pcs


12 – 18 cm, 18 – 28 cm


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