CO2 Reactor Bottle Cap 2 Pcs


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CO2 Reactor Bottle Cap 2 Pcs


  • This CO2 bottle cap is suitable for most kinds of DIY reactor
  • Easy to use. Just screw the bottle cap on the drink bottle. Easy and sealed without letting the air out easily
  • Plastic material makes this bottle cap uneasy to rust and safe for your fish and water plant
  • For people who love DIY CO2 setup, this bottle cap is a helper when they are doing the process of generating CO2
  • If the water plant in your fish tank / aquarium is growing slowly and needs more CO2, this bottle cap may help you
  • With the 2 holes, you can add both tube and other tool like bubble counter or other things to help you know and control the process

Technical Specification:

ColourRed / Blue / Grey
Cap Opening Diameter3.3 cm
Suit for4 x 6 mm hoses
Quantity2 pcs

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg


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