Dose Pump Four-head with WI-FI Titration Pump


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Dosing pumps are a valuable addition to your aquarium setup, as they are designed to automatically add precise amounts of additives to the aquarium water to help you build a balanced and stable marine system. This mini dosing pump is a simple, yet effective device which offers precise dosing of marine water nutrients into your fish tank to simulate the marine environment and maintain the ecological balance of water. This automation minimizes any errors in having to mix any solutions by hand and enables you to achieve dosing with high precision. This model benefits from two control functions, giving you either automatic or manual control of solution dose. Additionally, it offers remote control with an app and can be connected via WiFi. The app is available on both Apple and Android devices.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: White – Red
  • Net weight: 900 – 910 g


  • It can be controlled by Wi-fi
  • Automatic dosing in high precision.
  • It is safe with its low voltage.
  • Automatic or manual control of the dosing liquid.


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