Ebi Sticks Pollen Shrimp Food


Kabadi Ebi Sticks Pollen is 100% natural shrimp lollipops consisting of flower pollen and grains. The lollipops are a healthy snack for all shrimps, crayfish, snails, and (bottom) fish that gather together on the lollipop. This gives a very nice effect and creates a nice photo opportunity.


The ingredients are 100% natural and of the best quality. As a result, the nutrients in the lollipops are well preserved, so that they optimally support overall health, growth, and colouring.

The lollipop can simply be inserted into the bottom gravel or placed in a holder. The food is dried on the lollipop and sticks well to the wooden stick when it is placed in the aquarium. Flower pollen is full of macro elements and trace elements that shrimp need in small amounts.


Feed as supplementary food 1 stick to +/- 30 shrimps about 1 time per week. The stick can remain inside the aquarium until it is eaten. When you have less than 30 shrimps, the stick can easily be broken into pieces.

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