External Waterfall Oxygen Filter


An attachment filter is optimal for small aquariums that have no place to install an aquarium filter within the aquarium.

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The filter is universal, suitable for all types of freshwater and marine aquariums and aqua terrariums with aquatic reptiles. The filter has a skimmer attachment included, which breaks the bacterial film from the surface of the water. It can also perform the decorative function of a waterfall.

  • Compact ergonomic filter designed for water purification in aquariums.
  • This model of the popular XL series mounted filters is reliable in operation, easy to install and operate.
  • The filter is installed on the edge of the vertical wall of the aquarium.
  • A synthetic sponge of medium density is used as a filter material.
    The filter rotor is equipped with a blade impeller and is fixed on a non-removable metal axis.
  • Regular flushing of the filter prolongs its service life.

Attention: For some aquariums with a lid, the installation of such a filter is impossible due to design features.

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