Hydra Filtron


The Hydro-Pure technology uses Hydroxyl Radicals (-OH) to accelerate an aquariums startup (cycling) time from the usual 4 – 5 weeks with within 1 week, reduce water odour, and continue to retain a crystal clear tank.


Hydra Filtron 4-Stage Water Purification takes its filtration process a step further than the typical three stages (Mechanical, Biological, Chemical). Its revolutionary Hydro-Pure Technology allows for an accelerated startup time of 1 week instead of the usual 4 – 5 weeks. It also effectively reduces any water odor and ensures a sparkling clear tank. This is the first canister filter in the world to include this ground-breaking technology into its design.


  • Power: 13 – 32 Watts
  • Flow Rate: 600 – 1100 L/H
  • Aquarium Capacity: 300 – 800L

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13 W (600 L/H), 23 W (900 L/H), 32 W (1100 L/H)