Komodo Feeding Tongs Plastic


Plastic Feeding Tongs are the perfect tool for the safe and easy feeding of reptiles. Great for hand-feeding bugs to small lizards and amphibians and useful for handling invertebrates such as scorpions, spiders or beetles.


Simple and easy to use, these Komodo Plastic Feeding Tongs are a superb reptile multi-tool, allowing the user to easily and safely handle and feed a range of reptiles and invertebrates.

Excellent for handling both frozen and live food and handing it to your reptile, especially if they are prone to mis-striking and hitting your hand, or if you tend to find this particular part of reptile or invertebrate keeping a little icky.

Made from carefully moulded plastic, there are great for handling nippy inverts too, like scorpions and beetles. They make handling time more hygienic too, avoiding the passing bacteria from you to your reptile or in the other direction.

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