Lily Pipe Aquarium Inflow and Outflow Sets


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A lily pipe is a modern piece of filtering equipment that is perfect for minimizing visibility of the equipment inside your aquarium. The shape of the outlet provides ideal water flow for your aquatic plants and fish, by delivering clean water from the filter and returning water to the filter to be cleaned.

The glass transparency allows it to blend in with the aquarium, allowing you to recreate a perfectly natural looking environment and not distract you from your aquascape.

The sets available enable you to buy different setups – these include inflow ports, lily and poppy style outflow ports, a glass stand and a skimmer replacement kit (see table below).

Inflow Pipes (Models A, B)

Inflow lily pipes consist of a simple, yet effectively designed glass tube with slits that allow the filter to draw in water. They sit on the intake side of your aquarium filter and are aimed at improving water circulation. The slit design offers a filtration system to prevent the suction of any debris.

Model B comes with an acrylic surface skimmer, which efficiently skims dissolved organics and other waste material from the surface of the water. The 360-degree intake float is positioned consistently at the surface and the flow control valve enables you to increase or decrease the flow rate to your filter.

Outflow Pipes (Models C, D)

The outflow pipes are designed to bring clean water from the filter back into the tank. It is essential to sustain an even water circulation within your aquarium to maintain a great quality of water and prevent algae growth. The danger of an excessively strong outflow of the power filter is that it may hinder the healthy growth of aquatic plants. The outflow pipes are hydro-dynamically designed to create a moderate circulation of water within the aquarium ideal for the growth of aquatic plants.

These are available in two different shapes – the lily and poppy design.

The original lily design (model C) achieves an even, gentle current dispersed across your tank with minimal surface movement. The wider opening enables the water to flow over a bigger area, hence the gentle surface movement and flow.

The poppy design (model D) aims to create more surface movement and achieves a more powerful current to help oxygenate your aquarium. The head of this glass pipe is placed underwater and aimed upwards to achieve this. The surface agitation effect created by the poppy pipe is similar to what an aquarium bubbler would achieve.

The pipes are attached to the side of your aquarium with suction cups.

Please note, the pipes are available with either a 13mm or 17mm port diameter. Since the filter hose needs to go over the tube of a glass pipe, the external diameter of the pipe must match the internal diameter of the hose. Be mindful that all lily pipes, no matter their size, are always a little bigger than the matching internal hose diameter. This makes the first installation a little harder but ensures a tight fit and prevents a leak.


Model Description
A Inflow pipe
B Inflow pipe + surface skimmer
C Lily outflow pipe
D Poppy outflow pipe
E Lily outflow pipe + inflow pipe
F Poppy outflow pipe + inflow pipe
G Lily outflow pipe + inflow pipe + surface skimmer
H Poppy outflow pipe + inflow pipe + surface skimmer



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