Luminous Silicone Speckled Mushrooms

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The artificial mushroom is made of soft silicone to look extremely realistic and natural, this aquarium ornament decoration can enhance visual appeal and provide shelter for your fish. There is a sucker which can be fixed on the bottom of the fish tank, make your glowing mushroom ornament pedestal stand stable, and your colourful mushrooms swing with water, remove it also very easy.

The glowing effect of these glow aquarium decorations will only happen to acted lighting, not “Glowing in the dark!”. The ornament does not glow automatically in the dark. They can glowing in the dark under ultraviolet lamp/blue light. Make sure you rinse it off before place it in your tank. Create a beautiful and mysterious under water world. Perfectly matched your aquarium.

Silicone fish tank decorations are perform well in most conditions, both saltwater and freshwater. For cleanliness, it is recommended to wash them with warm water first, and then place them in the places you want.

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