Manaus Diploral


An analysis of the needs for minerals and trace elements for fish living in an artificial biotope aquarium revealed the need for Diploral. Fish from soft source waters with low pH values would be at risk of insufficient supply when using decalcified water from osmosis treatment and ion exchangers.


Diploral provides the necessary minerals and trace elements for fish to thrive; deficiencies can lead to diseases such as hole-in-the-head in cichlids, or skeletal deformations and restricted growth in young fish. These issues manifest themselves differently according to species, from missing gill covers among juvenile discus to ornamental fish.

Once the treatment of the fish is done, adding DIPLORAL to the aquarium water for a few weeks will encourage faster healing in the region around their head.

Content: 100 g can as an additive for 2000 liters of aquarium water.

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