Mini Bite Shrimp Food


Kabadi mini bite is a balanced complete food for all tropical fish. The mini pellets are the perfect size for small (nano) fish and larger fish. The pellets sink in the aquarium, which makes the food very suitable for middle to bottom inhabitants.


Because the Mini Bite is specially developed for tropical aquarium fish and consists of the best ingredients, you will see this reflected in the overall health, growth, and colour of the fish. Because quality is very important at Kabadi, almost all nutrients are absorbed from the food and the remains of waste products are minimal. Better absorption of the nutrients & B-glucan strengthens the fish’s immune system and reduces the risk of disease. Kabadi Mini Bite is very suitable for use in nano aquariums.

Dosage: Feed 2 to 3 times a day what the fish eat in a few minutes.

Composition: 38% protein, 6% fat, 3% fiber, 11% moisture.

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