Mini Aquarium with Filter and LED Light


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Mini Fish Tank: It takes little space in your desk, suitable for office and home. When work is not going well, stop and look at the small fish swimming around in the small fish tank, you will forget all the troubles.

Circulating Aqaurium Garden: This is a circulating system composed of hydroponic plants and aquatic animals. The detachable basket on the top of the betta fish tank can be put hydroponic plants. With a powerful water pump filter system, the Mini fish tank supply oxygen to the aquatic creatures by siphon, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality and nourishing plants.

Beautiful LED Light: Aquariums & fish bowls with 10 high-brightness LED lamp beads, 8 white and 2 blue, three-level brightness adjustable, internal breathing light, whcih make the fish look rather beautiful in the water, and make the fish get enough light at night or in poorly lit rooms.

Mini Aquarium with Filter and LED Light
Mini Aquarium with Filter and LED Light

Multifunctional Phone Holder: There is a concealable bracket at the bottom of the front of the fish tank, which can be popped up by pressing it. You can put your mobile phone or tablet on the holder, so that you can watch TV while watching fishes, enjoy a relaxing leisure time after tiring work.

USB Power Supply: The mini aquarium has one micro-USB power input port and two USB power output ports, thus, it supports to be powered by power bank, and it could also supply power to your mobile phone, tablet and laptop when it’s connected to power supplies.

  • Fish Tank
  • USB Cable
  • Plant Basket
  • Hydroponic Basket
  • Water Pump
  • Tank Filters
  • Biochemical Cotton


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