Natural Round Snail Shell for Aquarium Decoration


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Application: Garden Decoration, Office Decoration, Decoration, Collection Specimen, Deck, Wall Stickers, Fish Tank, Wedding, Home Accessories and Other Decoration.

Buyer notice:

  • About defects: Conch shells and other natural growth, it is difficult to find the perfect thing! Natural wear, growth lines, spots, small trachoma, attachment and growth of other shellfish are normal
  • About smell: Shells and conch grow naturally in the sea. As long as there are shells with this taste, there must be a hint of seafood
  • About size and colour: Due to the wide variety of our products, which are all natural seafood, even similar products have slight deviations in size and colour
Natural Thorn Snail Shell
Creamy White
3 – 5 cm
1 Pc



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