Portable Mini USB Aquarium Fish Tank Oxygen Air Pump


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  • Material: Silica Gel
  • Color: Blue, Yellow, Green, Black
  • Size of Pump:6.5 cm / 2.56″ * 3 cm / 1.18″
  • Size of Power Cord:100 cm / 39.37″
  • Size of Air Tube:100 cm / 39.37″
  • Target Audience: Fish
  • Feature: Durable


  • Powerful, safe, and reliable performance, large exhaust volume. You can feel comfortable buying and use it.
  • Longer use time, 24 hours of continuous use. You can enjoy the happy time of fishing.
  • The USB interface is more convenient, small, and portable and everyone can operate it. It is suitable for outdoor. Wide use is the biggest reason that it is popular with people.
  • Mute. In the living room, bedroom, office, and other quiet environments, there is no sound and can provide a better using experience for you.

Package Include:
1 x air pump
1 x air tube
1 x air stone

Portable Mini USB Aquarium Fish Tank Oxygen Air Pump (black)