Sectionable Aquarium Powerful Air Filter Pump Series

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This powerful air filter pump offers an effective way to filtrate the water and circulate the air in your tank. The pump is easy to set up, operates silently and offers great energy efficiency. The four available options, ranging from 12W to 35W, are designed to suit medium to large tanks. It is important to choose the right model, based on the measurements below, according to the height of your tank. In order to maintain the pump’s performance, it is advisable to clean the filter sponges and the rotor once a month. The pump is completely submersible and should be operated in temperatures of lower than 35℃. Please allow the pump to be switched off for 4-8 hours per day.




Max Delivery Distance

Max Flow Rate

Power Cable Length

12 W (1 filter)

17 cm

0.8 m

1000 L/H

110 cm

18 W (2 filters)

26 cm

1.2 m

1300 L/H

110 cm

25 W (3 filters)

34 cm

1.8 m

1800 L/H

110 cm

35 W (4 filters)

44 cm

2.2 m

2800 L/H

110 cm





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2 reviews for Sectionable Aquarium Powerful Air Filter Pump Series

  1. A***v

    On the aquarium 200 liters it is better to take with a pump 18W

  2. A***v

    на аквариум 200 л лучше брать с насосом 18w

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