Setup Powder


Shrimps Affair setup powder ensures the growth of micro-bacteria in new and existing aquariums.


Setup powder also ensures the construction of a (thick) biofilm layer consisting of bacteria, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. (Young) shrimps eat these micro-bacteria, which are an important part of the food they consume. By allowing these micro-bacteria to grow and maintain properly, the shrimp always have sufficient natural food available, which improves the survival & breeding rate.

Cycling a new aquarium with Shrimps Affair setup powder has several advantages. During the cycling period, a white haze becomes visible which is actually the grown bacteria. As a result, the aquarium immediately starts working well with sufficient filter bacteria, but more importantly, after addition to the aquarium, the shrimp always do well right away due to the amount of food.

Since Shrimps Affair setup powder allows naturally occurring micro-bacteria to grow, it can never contaminate the water. These bacteria are usually also present in the water, but only to a very small extent. By using setup powder, the water is not polluted and waste products remain low. This will make shrimp feel more comfortable, which promotes colouring and breeding.


  • For a new aquarium 1 gram per 10 liters of aquarium water immediately upon starting up the aquarium.
  • For maintenance of the biofilm in an existing aquarium weekly 1 gram per 30/40 liter aquarium water.
  • 1 gram corresponds to a level spoon (included in the package).

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