Shrimps Forever Colour


Shrimps forever colouris special shrimp feed to promote and support natural colour development for shrimps.


Due to the addition of minerals and natural ingredients, the development of the colour pigments in shrimp is supported. By creating more colour pigment, shrimp colour coverage will become more dense causing a brighter and more dense colour pattern. In addition, the minerals provide also help the shrimp with the moulting proces and support the formation of a thicker armour.


Soybean meal, seaweed, spirulina, wheat, yeast, tofu pulp, mineral premix, vitamin premix, vitamin B complex.


Use this feed as a supplementary shrimp feed to support colour pigmentation in a natural way. Feed about 2 to 3 times a week what the shrimp eat in two hours.

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30 g, 150 g


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