Shrimps Forever Ex-It


Shrimps Forever Ex-It frees your aquarium from planaria, hydra, and snails in 1 or 2 treatments. Planaria is a worm species with a triangular head and can grow up to 4 – 5 centimeters long. Planaria usually have one or two pairs of eyes and have a characteristic triangular or arrowheaded head.


Shrimps Forever Ex-It works just like Biomax NO planaria based on the natural ingredient betel nut palm extract. The pH, GH, and KH values remain unchanged by the cure. Shrimps Forever Ex-It has no negative effect on shrimps, water plants, and important bacteria in the water or filter material and has been repeatedly tested successfully against planaria.

This product can be dangerous for snails. The recommended dose may be too low to kill snails. We are noticing increasing resistance of snails too all products. Shrimps Forever Ex-It kills snails and planaria, which causes a lot of waste to enter the water when these animals perish. Keep an eye on your water values ​​and ensure the quick removal of dead animals! Do a 50/80% water change if the waste levels get too high.

Main ingredients: Betel nut palm, palm stem extract.

Dosage and Use: Dose 1 gram (about half a teaspoon) to 50 liters of aquarium water. Change 50% water after 5 days and dose again if the problems are not solved yet.

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