Shrimps Forever GH/KH+ Mineral Powder


Shrimps Forever GH/KH+ mineral powder increases the total hardness (° dGH) and carbonate hardness.


Shrimps Forever GH/KH+ mineral powder is specially developed to mineralise osmoses and/or rainwater again and prepare the water for Neocaridina shrimp such as Red Cherry shrimp. This combination results in optimal water values which significantly improves the breeding and health of Neocaridina shrimp.

Shrimps Forever GH/KH+ mineral powder provides the water with important minerals and trace elements for good health, improving the colours and good growth of the shrimp. It stimulates the growth of plants and microbacterial regeneration in the filter. This will balance the entire aquarium which supports the shrimps and plants in any way.


Add 2 grams per 10 liters of water to bring the GH to a level of +/- 6 and the KH to a level of +/- 3 with a conductivity of +/- 400 micro siemens. 90 grams is sufficient for 450 liters of (new) water.

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