Shrimps Forever GH+ Mineral Powder


Shrimps Forever GH+ mineral powder has been specially developed for the remineralization of osmosis/rainwater for Caridina shrimps. By adding GH+ mineral powder to the new water, only the GH is increased, without affecting the kH and pH. In combination with a pH-lowering soil, the ideal water values for keeping Ciridina shrimps such as crystal shrimp, Taiwan bees, and pinto are realized.


The minerals ensure that the water can be brought to the correct conductivity for Caridina shrimp. Due to the mix of different minerals, shrimps can moult without problems, and problems with the moulting are prevented.

Shrimps Forever GH+ mineral powder contains all essential minerals and trace elements to support good health, beautiful colours, and good breeding and growth. It promotes the growth of aquarium plants and supports biological balance. The risk of dangerous germs is also reduced by the growth of antagonistic (opposite) microflora.


Add 3 grams per 20 liters of water to bring the GH to +/- 6 with a conductivity of +/- 250 microsiemens. 90 grams is sufficient for 600 liters of (new) water.

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