Shrimps Forever White Full Mineral


Shrimps Forever white full mineral is a rich mix of minerals and unbound calcium. This unbound calcium is very easy taken up by shrimp as supplemental feed which will enhance the coloring. The calcium ensures increasing and strengthening of the white pigment in a natural way in which the white color gets much more intense.


Due to a lack of minerals in the water shrimp are not able to build up a proper shell or get moulting problems. This can be a cause of death of shrimp that effects particularly many small shrimp. They moult relatively often and will die when that is not possible.

The rich mix of minerals in Shrimps Forever white full mineral ensures that the shell is built well and moulting problems are prevented. Since white full mineral concerns a powder form, it spreads easily throughout the whole aquarium where it’s available for all (also small) shrimp.

Shrimps Forever white full mineral is a comparable product to Shirakura white mineral powder.

Ingredients: Unbound calcium, mix of minerals, cellulose, protein.

Dosage: Feed once a week a spoon (included) per 100 liters of water.

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