Silicone Sea Urchin


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Colourful and glowing ornaments placed in the water will create a comfortable and mysterious atmosphere for the adorable fish living in the aquarium, which makes them feel like they’re actually living in a vast and magnificent ocean. Perhaps, a sense of freedom is the only thing you can give to the fish living in an aquarium. All the decorations are made of non-toxic silicone material without special odor, which won’t affect aquarium. It’s also safe for fishes to shuttle back and forth as the artificial plants are soft enough.

  • It does not need any fertilizer and sand.
  • A great gift for your fish, also can be a decoration for your aquarium.
  • Can build an ideal underwater world.
  • Silicone material, flexible, realistic and vivid. Can add beauty and delight to your aquarium.
Silicone Sea Urchin
Silicone Sea Urchin

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