SL-Aqua Aquavital


SL-Aqua Aquavital for shrimps is a solution consisting of vitamins, amino acids, and macroelements that help to keep your shrimps healthy, support breeding and increase the survival rate of young shrimps. In this way, vitamin deficiency problems are prevented and shrimp resistance against harmful bacteria and diseases is strengthened. Prevention is better than cure.


SL-Aqua Aquavital also ensures that shrimps can build up a thicker shell and prevents moulting problems. This will greatly reduce the number of deaths due to moulting problems and will prevent stress for shrimp.

Finally, SL-Aqua Aquavital increases the survival rate of young shrimps. Young shrimp use many of the vitamins and macro elements for cell building and growth. Growth problems often cause the young shrimp to disappear slowly. With Aquavital this can be reduced/prevented. SL-Aqua more Aquavital is easily absorbed by the shrimp through the skin and gills. This means it is also suitable for use with crayfish and saltwater shrimp.


For a new aquarium or after adding shrimp, add 20 milliliters per 100 liters of water for extra support. This dosage can also be used for any problems or after medication. For regular maintenance, add 10 milliliters per 100 liters of water every week. 1 filled cap is approximately 5 milliliters. Shake before use.


Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, D3, E, H, K3, folic acid, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, immunoglobulin and chitosan.

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250 ml


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