SL-Aqua Bing Tsau Combination Set


The SL-Aqua Bing Tsau combination set is a combination of 3 different fertilizers (Shrimp Tank, Mix and Potassium). This set is available in 3 bottles of 60 milliliters each and 3 bottles of 150 milliliters each. The perfect set to try out the SL-Aqua fertilizers! Completely safe for use in shrimp aquariums.


Difference between SL-Aqua Bing Tsau Mix and SL-Aqua Bing Tsau Shrimp Tank. Both fertilizers are complete plant nutrition, safe for use in shrimp aquariums. The difference between these 2 fertilizers is in the composition of the micro and macro elements. For example, the SL-Aqua shrimp tank (ST) version is more tailored to the most commonly used aquarium plants in shrimp aquariums such as mosses and bucephalandra plants. The SL-Aqua Mix version is formulated for a wider range of aquarium plants. For example, this nutrition is good to use for the most common aquarium plants such as green & red stem plants, floating plants, etc.

SL-Aqua Bing Tsau potassium is an additional macro-nutrient that is mainly used to solve potassium deficiency problems. Potassium deficiencies often occur in aquariums with soft water (e.g. Caridina aquariums).

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3 x 60 ml, 3 x 150 ml


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