SL-Aqua Bing Tsau KH


SL-Aqua Bing Tsau KH is an additional macro-nutrient that is mainly used to solve problems caused by calcium deficiency.


Calcium deficiencies is shown in aquarium plants by the fact that the leaves remain small. Since calcium is an important building material for the cell walls, deficiencies can inhibit the growth of aquarium plants and/or ensure that parts of aquarium plants do not mature. For example, Bacopa and Althernanthera species benefit from supplemental calcium addition.

SL-Aqua Bing Tsau KH increases the carbonate hardness. This ensures that the PH is better buffered and dangerous pH drops are prevented. This can especially happen in aquariums where the carbonate hardness is low and where the addition of CO2 or other acids is used.

SL-Aqua Bing Tsau KH is fully compatible with other plant fertilizers and additives. 100% safe to use in shrimp aquariums. Do not use in combination with a PH-lowering soil.


Measure the KH value before dosing. Add 2 milliliters to 10 liters of water to increase the KH by 2.

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250 ml


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