SL-Aqua Filter Medium Ring Type


SL-Aqua filter medium is suitable for all water values ​​and does not affect the pH/KH values. This filter medium is suitable for both fresh and salt water aquariums.


The SL-Aqua filter medium rings have been developed from a special environmentally friendly material and have a very porous surface. This filter medium is different from other types of filter media as it is a composition of ceramic and pumice stone. This creates a revolutionary product with more available filter surface than any other type of standard filter medium. This way you can get even more capacity from your aquarium filter using the same space.

Due to the large surface area of the SL-Aqua filter medium, there is a lot of space available for the adhesion of both aerobic filter bacteria and anaerobic filter bacteria. These filter bacteria convert the wastes from the water to nitrate under the following reaction: 1. NH3/NH4 + O2> NO2 + H2O 2. NO2 + O2> NO3. By having a large amount of filter bacteria, waste products can be converted quickly so that they no longer pose a hazard inside the aquarium.

The filter medium also ensures that floating debris is removed from the water, so that the aquarium water remains clear and healthy. Due to the sturdy structure, the filter medium retains its shape for an extremely long time, making this filter medium a very sustainable choice.

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1 Liter, 3 Liters


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