SL-Aqua More Baby Shrimp


SL-Aqua More Baby Shrimp is a complete food for all newborn and juvenile shrimps. This food contains everything that shrimps need in their first phase of life in order to grow properly.


In order for young and juvenile shrimp to grow properly, many nutrients, vitamins, and macro elements are needed. The ingredients of SL-Aqua More Baby Shrimp are based on these elements, making it suitable for shrimps from birth to juvenile age. Additionally, natural minerals and chitin have been added to support moulting and the development of a hard shell. Moulting problems are one of the most common reasons for baby shrimp mortality.

SL-Aqua baby shrimp food is very rich in amino acids and enzymes, which give the young shrimp a good start and gives them a better chance for healthier and stronger shrimps at later age. With SL-Aqua Baby Shrimp, the survival rate of young shrimps will increase considerably.


SL-Aqua baby shrimp is suitable for daily use and is a complete food. Feed as much as the shrimp eat in about 1 or 2 hours. This food will spread throughout the aquarium.

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