SL-Aqua Purify


SL-Aqua purify contains various bacterial strains for converting waste materials such as ammonia (NH3) ammonium (NH4) and nitrite (NO2) to nitrate (NO3).


Ammonia and ammonium often end up in the aquarium through feeding and feces of the animals. This is converted to nitrite by means of ammonia/ammonium oxidizing bacteria and oxygen (O2) in the following reaction: NH3/NH4 + O2 > NO2 + H2O.

This reaction is the first step in converting the waste. NO2 is an intermediate step that is later converted to nitrate. This is done by nitrite-oxidizing bacteria and oxygen in the following reaction: NO2 + O2 > NO3.

The nitrate that is produced during the first intermediate step is very toxic to all animals in the aquarium. A large amount of NH3/NH4 is also toxic but less toxic than nitrite. For that reason, it’s important to have a good bacterial balance in the aquarium. If the conversion from nitrite to nitrate cannot take place quickly enough, a nitrite peak will happen. This often happens with aquariums starting up because the bacterial culture here still has to grow and has to start, but this can also happen in an existing aquarium where, for example, a large number of waste substances (NH3/NH4) are added. Common reasons for this are dead animals, adding too much food, power outages, medication use, etc.

SL-Aqua purify is a concentrated bacterial addition that contains both ammonia/ammonium oxidizing bacteria and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria so that the aquarium can quickly convert waste into safe nitrate. This nitrate is finally absorbed again by aquarium plants. Different bacterial cultures for different pH values. SL-Aqua has 3 products that all contain different filter bacteria. This has to do with the pH value of the aquarium water.

If your water has a pH value higher than 7, it contains a higher content of ammonia (NH4OH). This requires a filter bacterial culture that contains more NH4OH-converting bacteria. You can use SL-Aqua bacteria for neocaridina Sulawesi shrimp. Water with a neutral PH value (approx. 7) contains the same amount of ammonia (NH4OH) and ammonium (NH4+). This requires a bacterial filter culture that contains an equal amount of NH4OH and NH4+ converting bacteria. SL-Aqua purify is suitable for this.

Water with an acidic pH (lower than 7) contains a higher content of ammonium (NH4+). This requires a bacterial filter culture that contains more NH4 + converting bacteria. You can use SL-Aqua bacteria for bee shrimp.


When starting up a new aquarium, add 200 milliliters for the first time per 100 liters of aquarium water. This will give a kickstart to the growth of the bacterial culture so that the aquarium can be balanced more quickly. Tip: add a small amount of fish food to provide the bacteria with waste/food.

For regular maintenance of the bacterial culture, add 10 milliliters per 100 liters of aquarium water with every water change. SL-aqua purification is completely safe for all aquarium animals and aquarium plants and therefore cannot overdose. Aerate the aquarium well when using filter bacteria to allow the conversions to take place.

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