Solar Oxygen Aquarium Air Pump

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Enhance your aquatic oasis with the solar oxygen aquarium air pump, a must-have for every aquarium enthusiast. With its compact design measuring 100 x 80 x 38 mm and lightweight construction weighing only 560 grams, this air pump seamlessly integrates into any tank setup.


Powerful yet eco-friendly, this innovative device utilizes solar energy to ensure continuous oxygen supply for your underwater ecosystem. Equipped with a high-performance battery boasting an impressive capacity of 3.7 V/3600 mAh, it guarantees reliable operation while minimizing environmental impact.

Featuring a charging input of DC 5V / 1A, recharging is effortless and convenient. Simply connect it to any compatible power source and let the sun work its magic! The built-in battery lasts longer than ever before, keeping your aquarium thriving without interruption.

With a gas volume output of up to 2 L/min and pressure reaching an optimum level of 0.15 mpa, expect nothing less than exceptional performance from this state-of-the-art air pump. It ensures efficient circulation throughout the tank, maintaining perfect conditions for your marine residents.


  • Long press the power switch (press for 3 seconds) blue light, which began to play oxygen, this time for the long-term oxygen mode.
  • Press the power switch (press 1 times) Oxygen mode is switched to intermittent Mode, (stop for 2 seconds, oxygen cycle mode for 8 seconds).
  • Charge.


Battery3.7 V/3600 mAh
Size100 x 80 x 38 mm
Chargingg Input5 VDC / 1 A
Weight560 g
Exhaust Capacity2 L/Min
Pressure0.15 MPa
Working Hours24 Hours

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