Stainless Steel Aquarium Tool Set


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These stainless-steel aquarium tools feature an ergonomic design, proving to be comfortable and easy to operate. The tools will enable you to work with the smallest and most delicate water plants with absolute precision. A firm and accurate grip of the tweezers enables you to plant tiny aquatic plants in the trickiest of areas, the shovel tool is designed for algae removal, while the sharp scissors are excellent for trimming. Made from a rust-resistant durable material.

Please be mindful of how sharp some of the tools are and take extra care when using those to avoid any injuries.

There are 7 tools in total and the tools come with a storage bag. The tools are as follows:


Model Description Length
    A Flat shovel 31.5 cm
    B Straight scissors 24.5 cm
    C Curved scissors 24.5 cm
    D Straight tweezers 26.5 cm
    E Slanted tweezers 26.5 cm
    F Curved “wave” scissors 24.4 cm
    G Sharp end tweezers 26.5 cm


There are several toolkit options available, based on which accessories you require – these include 4 and 5 accessory kits, as listed below.


Bundle Tools Included
    T1 A + B + C + D + E
    T2 A + B + C + D + E + F
    T3 A + B + C + D + E + G
    T4 A + B + C + D + E + F (black colour option)
    T5 Storage bag only
    T6 A + C + D + E


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