Submersible Wave Generator 220 V


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Submersible Wave Generator 220 V

Do dead spots in your aquarium really annoy you so much? Do you feel that the fish is inanimate? Here the problems with carking will disappear! This dynamic and fully submersible aquarium wave generator per hour will clean and revitalize your aquarium. Thanks to the hinged ball joint, this kettle allows you to fully rotate 360 degrees, creating waves of water movement. This item can be used to improve oxygen saturation, as well as to allow your fish, corals and other aquatic inhabitants to enjoy a vital and energetic environment similar to the ocean. High water resistance ensures safety and reliability.

Submersible Wave Generator 220 V
Submersible Wave Generator 220 V
Submersible Wave Generator 220 V
ModelPowerVoltageFrequencyFlowTank SizePowerhead
JVP-110A2.5 W220 – 240 V50 Hz2000 L/h30 – 50 cm1
JVP-101A6 W220 – 240 V50 Hz3000 L/h60 – 801
JVP-102A12 W220 – 240 V50 Hz5000 L/h80 – 1001
JVP-201A12 W220 – 240 V50 Hz6000 L/h90 – 1302
JVP-202A24 W220 – 240 V50 Hz12000 L/h120 – 1502
JVP-402A48 W220 – 240 V50 Hz24000 L/h150 – 2004

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