Sunsun GR Series Digital Display Fish Tank Heater


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The most important condition for the favorable functioning of your aquarium is to maintain a certain temperature that is optimal for a particular type of fish. This device not only allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature for the inhabitants of the aquarium, but also to perform other tasks — they normalize the microclimate, prevent the development of harmful bacteria, positively affect the life and well-being of aquarium fish.

Sunsun GR Series Digital Display Fish Tank Heater

​This LCD display water heater, equipped with a number of safety features, enables you to maintain a constant temperature within the tank.

The heater is conveniently easy to operate due to the external adjustment switch, enabling you to adjust the temperature within the range of 18 – 34°C. The digital display allows you to check the temperature of the tank at a glance while offering precise temperature control.



The heater also benefits from several safety features, such as waterproof double insulation and durable design. The heating rod is made of a high-temperature-resistant quartz glass tube that benefits from being explosion-proof. It features an advanced electronic chip which enhances the accuracy of the reading and offers precise control of the temperature, making it safer and more energy-efficient. The nickel-chromium electric heating wire offers faster heating and conductivity, while multiple temperature probes prevent overheating and ensure the temperature remains constant. Additional safety feature includes the anti-collision housing which protects the fish from scalding.

This heater is suitable for fresh or saltwater aquarium tanks. It comes equipped with suctions cups that enable easy attachment to the side of your tank and the compact design does not take up space in the tank.

PowerSizeCordTemperature Range

Tank Capacity

100 W30 x 165 mm1.2 M18 – 34 ℃Min. 80 L
200 W30 x 215 mm1.2 M18 – 34 ℃Min. 150 L
300 W30 x 275 mm1.2 M18 – 34 ℃Min. 250 L
500 W30 x 325 mm1.2 M18 – 34 ℃Min. 350 L

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