Syphon Pump Aquarium Gravel Cleaner


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No messy drips, and a sturdy one way valve to improve suction. You can clear 30 L in about 5 minutes.

Filter through the gravel using the attachment to suck up food, fish waste and toxins that build up in your tank.

Use The attached filter to prevent sucking up small fish and shrimps.

A lot of fish accessories are overpriced. This simple, robust product does the job of a much more expensive siphon at a fraction of the cost.


Can Clip Inner Thickness15 mm
Inlet Pipe Length50.5 cm
Outlet Pipe Length200 cm
Inlet Diameterinside diameter: 1.4 cmouter diameter: 1.5 cm
Outlet Diameterinside diameter: 0.7 cmouter diameter: 1.0 cm
Duck Bill47 x 60 mm
Sand Head14.3 x 2.8 cm
Can Clip Inner Thickness20 mm
Inlet Pipe Length80 cm
Outlet Pipe Length200 cm
Inlet Diameterinside diameter: 1.6 cmouter diameter: 1.7 cm
Outlet Diameterinside diameter: 1.4 cmouter diameter: 1.8 cm
Duck Bill55 x 61 mm
Sand Head22.7 x 4 cm

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