Tantora Guava Leaves


The guava leaves from Tantora are a 100% untreated natural product. These leaves do not contain any harmful substances and are grown and processed on the biological farm of Tantora itself.


Tantora guava leaves prevent harmful bacteria and provide animals with food for a longer period of time. The leaves slowly soften in the aquarium and thus provide highly nutritious supplementary food. The leaves also stimulate the natural eating pattern and create a natural habitat.


  • 1 leaf per aquarium is sufficient. Replace when used up. Pour boiling water over the leaf to make it sink faster (optional).


  • Prevent Bacteria Vibrio that can cause disease for Shrimp.
  • Prevent and eliminate luminous bacteria in Shrimp.
  • A good source of natural food for aquarium shrimp.

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10 Pcs


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