Tantora King Catappa Sticks


Tantora King Catappa Sticks offer all the benefits of 100% natural catappa leaves in a convenient stick form. These sticks are a great alternative to whole leaves and provide a nutritious, natural supplement for shrimps, crayfish, bottom fish, and more.


The sticks are an alternative to the whole leaves but have the same good properties. In addition, the sticks serve as a natural supplementary food for shrimps, crayfish, bottom fish, etc.


  • Works slightly pH lowering.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Reduces stress in shrimps and fish.
  • Stimulates colour development in shrimps and fish.
  • Help prevent disease.

Only 100% natural catappa leaf is used to make the sticks. For example, the 50 gram package contains +/- 25-30 large leaves and the 100 gram package contains +/- 50-60 large leaves. The sticks are 100% natural and therefore also release tannins, which can turn the water slightly brown.

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