Taxiphyllum sp. Spiky Moss


Spiky moss is a variety of Taxiphyllum vigorous that has not yet been identified as a species. In high light, this moss forms densely branched, deep green fronds reminiscent of spruce branches and grows relatively quickly for a moss. In low lighting, it tends to form upright, less branched shoots.


Taxiphyllum sp. Spiky Moss it is one of the aquarium mosses that can grow not only underwater, but also emerged on a moist substrate. Spiky Moss forms densely branched shoots pinnately, strongly flattened under water reminiscent of fir branches and grow horizontally to ascending. It has an intense medium green tone. Taxiphyllum sp. Spiky Moss is a relatively fast growing and beautiful looking aquarium moss often used in aquascaping. It develops most beautifully when tied to roots, wood, or stones. Occasional pruning can help keep the moss in shape.

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